Monday, July 25, 2022

Notequest: alternate loot table

One of the things I felt could use a house rule in Notequest is the Looting. Not that as written it is badwrong, but that I feel unsuccessful (unfulfilled?) when I kill monsters and find no coin or treasure. Go ahead and call me a millennial but I feel like I need more reward than just not dying.  ;-) 

So, I came up with a quick Alternate Loot Table:

When you slay creatures that lack the Loot characteristic, roll a d6 and consult the table below:
1-2  Coins equal to the roll
3-5  A healing salve, heals 1 Hit Point when applied (takes an Action to apply)
6     A single Torch

I feel like this table will add some excitement to the slaying of all the creatures but will not cause the game to become out of balance and the characters suddenly become too powerful.

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  1. Nice! I'm new at this game, and I was thinking of adding something similar. I notice that we roll all these d6's throughout the game, I was figuring if I happen to roll two 6's in a row then I would roll on some alternate 'luck/loot' chart that would give me a small chance at getting either +1 hp or +1 torch, or a roll on the regular Reward chart. I like your table for that! I think I might use some variation of this for when I roll 'double 6' and when I defeat non-loot monsters (my bitty halfling isn't going to be defeating a lot of them). For my version I might change it to: 1 Roll on Rewards Table, 2 Find d6 coins, 3-5 Find healing moss (+1 HP), 6 Find glow mushrooms (+1 torch). Maybe he can keep the moss and shrooms until he needs them, taking up one slot in his backpack for all that he collects.