Friday, April 12, 2024

Sir William's Delve -3


[notes] For this I am also using a handful of game books such as Knave 2 (link), Glaive 2e (link), Shadowdark (link), Into the Wyrd and Wild (link), and the Knock zine (link). Really I am using whatever floats my boat at the moment and mostly using random tables to throw a little chaos and whimsy to the game. When I hit a mental barrier and am stuck, I flip through a PDF or toss some words into MidJourney and see if anything sparks my imagination. A perfect example is this entire segment with the hanging tree, MD gave me one image with what appeared a body hanging from it, so I kept digging until I got this image which to me looked like little kids hung and posed (sick fucks). That is something I have never seen in an RPG before, so I ran with it.

When you see the red, blue and white dice I am using my oracle (sometimes called the Freedom Oracle (video link) to help guide the story.

MD art-

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