Monday, April 8, 2024

Sir William's Delve

I occasionally go back and look at my previous blog entries and I came across the Goodnotes adventures I did last summer and I really enjoyed them. I love the mixture of media (images + written text + character sheets). I am using a very thin FRK-esque system based on Witch Dream (link) by Scott Malthouse but I plan on using essentially the framework without the magic as-is. 

I know there is not much here, just the one page, but those of you starting up a new solo game know how much of a pain just getting here can be, and by me putting this here, it will help push me to get back to the table and continue the adventure.

MidJourney images:

I know some of you prefer a PDF version:


  1. Excellent! I have always found Sir William to be a reasonable man!

  2. Missed this post originally, been a busy week.

  3. I love the blend of media in your adventures! The visuals really bring the story to life. Looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you next!