Saturday, June 6, 2015

[map] du Eustacia Gradibn

du Eustacia Gradibn was once a thriving, if small sanctuary on the route between two large cities and served not only as a way station roughly halfway between them but as a respite from the heat of the desert that covered the land between them. Decades ago the small spring that feed fresh water into the cavern that lay at the entrance to the temple proper dried up and the influence, and popularity, of the sanctuary began to wane.

One is correct in wondering the reason for the installation of the bars and large pit trap that block the entrance to the sanctuary. These were installed as precautions to protect the monks who used to live here and the visitors from the frequent raids by the Sandpeople© that frequently attack travelers en route to the cities.

Today the sanctuary lies in ruins with walls crumbling a complete passage blocked by a cave-in, and no living thing will be found within its gloomy passages. The last monks who lived here were slain in a mass self suicide, and attempt to gain favor with their patron and return the flow of the water. This failed to come to pass, the gods being the fickle bastards they are, and now the long rotting bodies of the monks will spring to life and attack those who dare interrupt their vigil of waiting for their patron to return.

Notes: Going back to a little old school mapping here. This one was created Friday morning as I waited for my flight back home after a quick business trip to a conference.

Full on old school:

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