Monday, June 8, 2015

[map] The Spahn, deep scout craft

I drew this map in the style of +Billiam Babble, one of the best cartographers out there. He has a unique style that is extremely difficult to emulate but yesterday he posted a seriously kickass drawing of a space ship and, well, I could not resist it any longer. I had to take a stab at the style. You can see his original drawing here: [link]  Mine is no where near his style but I give it a B, not terrible but could be better.

Today I happened to notice that White Star is STILL #1 on RPGNow, something that I have not seen happen in quite a while. So in honor of the man that brought White Star to life, I opted to name the ship after him. Kudos to Mr +James Spahn for bringing a cool game to life!

Blue version:

The classic old school black and white: