Friday, June 26, 2015

[map redux] Mausoleum of the Dreaded Limvrok

I believe I drew this map about a year ago - I am terrible at taking the time to make detailed records - on a three by five card while at work one day, but one can never be sure of these sorts of things. This is one of my favorite quick maps I have drawn as it is seriously a busy map, lots of things going on here. These are the sorts of things that inspire me a GM when I look at a map.

For example- I can tell whomever made this place hated ranch style homes as there are stairs everywhere. They also favored a non-stick-to-the-grid-squares-map attitude as this place is seriously off center and crazy. Also seemed to have a statue fetish going on. There was some sort of structure there near the back but its long gone now.

Anywho, I like this one a good deal, hope you do too.

Full texture (death to printers!):

Lightly textured:

Black and white version:


  1. I really dig this map. Lots of potential for adventure and mayhem!

  2. this map = instant crush !

    I love it and will definitely use it !