Monday, May 18, 2020

Dördhöl, level three-a

To get to the third level of Dördhöl, one must head north up a steep and quite long stairwell. Anyone turning the corner below on the second level will immediately be struck by a pungent and horrible odor. You see, the current inhabitants defend their home in a unique way from the undead that haunt the second level. The mix their excrement with leftover from their hunting to produce a noxious and gooey slime that they pour down the stairs. The undead below are simply incapable to traversing the stairs in their current state. In fact, anyone attempting to climb the stairs will need to either plan very well to assist their climb, or make a Dexterity save every ten feet, on a fail they slide to the bottom and sustain d4+2 damage.

When the bugbears stumbled upon this little respite, hidden in the middle of the dungeon they were startled. Secure, spacious, a fresh water supply, room for their temples, access the bigasstrouts they love to dine upon, and best of damn adventurers. Their leader, a sly bugbear named Duttan has turned his small band of followers into near fanatic worshipers of Chrarnonk, the metal god. The statue was here from previous inhabitants and Duttan convinced his people they had finally found their way with Chrarnonk providing this wonderful home for them.

One point of note, the cavern near the bottom, that the water plunges into is actually a large shaft that reaches upwards over one hundred feet and connects to multiple other levels of the dungeon. The bugbears have not realized this yet. After falling to the chamber below, the water seeps through concealed caverns and eventually makes its way back to level one and is the source of the river coming from the rocks.

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