Saturday, May 23, 2020

QA06 - The Lower Septic

I picked up PunkApocalyptic-the-rpg (link) and one of the released adventures involves a location called the Lower Septic. Here is what the rulebooks says about Septic Tank:

A foul odor hangs over the greenish waters surrounding the city of Septic Tank. Divided into two areas, Upper and Lower, the people here make their living by trawling the foul waters for megatroutasses. Fisherfolk and outcasts live in Lower Septic Tank, a cluster of huts connected by floating platforms and crawling with leechcrabs—mean mollusks that feed on blood. Better living can be found in Upper Septic Tank, which has been built atop the ruins of an old bridge. Here, the rulers of Septic Tank avoid the filth and squalor of the lower city, while issuing edicts that make life for the poor who live beneath them wretched and torturous.

Septic Tank is divided into a lower (poor fisherfolk) and an Upper (wealthier people that live off the labors of those below). Lower Septic is a neighborhood of the poorest people of unfortunates who live floating on a sweltering, steaming, pond of waste, refuse, and unknown chemicals. They spend their lives sifting through the swirling muck to scavenge whatever they can find and fishing for the scrumptious megatroutasses those living above them will pay a high price for.

Lower Septic is truly a horrible place to visit and frankly, just the kind of place I want to take my players. Sounds like loads of fun. I took a little liberty with the place and opened it up a little, I want it to be sprawling and a good spot for a spread out fight or even chase.