Monday, May 4, 2020

Dördhöl, level two

The second level of Dördhöl, sitting just above the first level and accessible via a stairwell. Or, for those enterprising explorers who looked up in the chamber with the spring, one could also climb up to the second level and enter through two different balconies.

Patrons back at the Tub 'n Muck pub tell tales of horrible moaning coming from the balconies, but no one has stated they had the balls to climb up to check it out. Well, except for Liw Dlorna, he claims to have climbed up to a balcony with a brave band of fools. Alas, all but he failed to return and now he has become a legend in his own mind with the tales to match....but you know what they say about tall tales in the pub. Anyone spending a solid thirty minutes to listen to Liw's ramblings and dropping about 10gp on brews can make a INT check to try to decipher his drunk tales. Roll a d6 for every ten minutes they listen to Liw past the initial thirty.

Drunk Liw's ramblin's:
1 - There be dead people a wanderin' around the halls! If ye be quiet and can maneuver sans light sticks, you can pass by without pissin' 'em off.
2 - Old Queen Mariand Atoka is dead, trapped in a pit in one of the rooms. But let me tell ya, the bitch can climb!
3 - A secret chamber holds the Lost King's treasure, 'nough to need ten mules to haul!
4 - The benches on the balcony are soothin', careful or ye will fall fast asleep....easy prey for those dead fuckers! Course, the healin' that occurs while sleeping.....and the dreams! Weeee!
5 - The Lost King's son still plies the halls from his secret chamber. He's a tough one, not easily fooled, least ye a looker in the band. If ye catch me drift.
6 - The statues, hell, they ain't a happy bunch, leave a coin at their feet to pass safely by. Ferget this at yer peril!

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