Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Mausoleum of Red Guard of Thar-Gaona

This time I did not do a hatching because, well, I do not care for it as much as I used to, plus there are plenty of old school style clone wannabees out there.


  1. I'm not a fan of the crosshatching for maps on any of the virtual tabletop sites (roll20 specifically). I'd be happy with just white or transparent for the color outside the walls.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts Leo, have you used any of my maps in Roll20? How did the map work out for you? Any suggestions on making them better?

    2. The biggest problem with your maps and roll20 (and almost any map I find on the internet that isn't specifically designed for roll20) is getting the grid to line up. Roll20 seems to default to 70 pixel by 70 pixel squares. Yours seem to be all over the place (but so do most maps). Like this one depending on where I measure, it is anywhere from 110 to 140.

      So usually what I do is recreate the map. Unfortunately that means it comes out looking a lot more like something from the donjon random dungeon generator. Also most of the time I get something wrong and either drop a room or end up with an extra randomly placed room. Plus in the map above, the room on the North-West, I put the one square protrusions behind secret doors with only the damaged one giving any hint of something there and even then they'll have to make an investigation or perception check to realize what it is.

      I'm not sure you should change anything because of this. Your maps are pretty cool and I use them for inspiration more than using them as is. Making an aesthetically pleasing and general use map is definitely something very different than making one that works on roll20.

    3. Hmmm, I will have to look into the 70x70 issue. When I have used my maps, I use the line up grid feature in Roll20 due to the variance in the different maps I use. Thanks for the feedback!

    4. Good news! I figured out a way to set up a template which will set to 70x70 pixels for the grid every time. I drew up a new map and tested it, worked perfect and the grid lined up perfect. I will post about how to do this shortly.