Sunday, April 17, 2022

White Box Adventure, issue 1!

I was working on this right before my near-death experience last fall (ie, involved a mimic masquerading as a ladder). I was just reminded of it and thought I should get around to releasing it! Thanks to Narmer for reminding me.

It can be found at


  1. Looks pretty smooth and jam packed with gaming goodness!

  2. Hey check this out! Stuart posted a journal of his characters running through this adventure over at his blog "Strange Magic". Check it out, pretty darned cool!

  3. Played through this today with Stormageddon today. Ran this under 5E rules (or rather DnD rules for Stormy) Took about 2hrs. Didn't realize his attention span would last that long.

    He seemed to enjoy it until the lizard men popped out. I misread and had 4 attack instead of just 2. I nerfed them a little bit and buffed his sleep spell.

    It came down to just him and the leader. It was touch and go and came down to the last round where the little girl got free, and jumped on the leader's back and started ineffectively attacking him, which was enough to distract him from killing Stormageddon. Stormy got one good stab with his short sword and he thought he was the hero.

    However the Aunt put him in his place, How dare he make a hole in her floor. He must have done it since it wasn't there when she last looked. Fortunately the niece explained what happened and the Aunt rewarded him with 500gold and he was hailed as a hero by everyone in the tavern.

    1. Awesome! Two hours? That’s awesome! I hope Stormy enjoyed it enough to want more. Thanks for sharing!