Saturday, April 16, 2022

White Box NPC cards

I have been playing a solo White Box game for a few days now and I am developing NPCs in the locations the PCs frequent and I wanted a similar system to the character sheets I posted recently so I tweaked the design I had into an NPC card. Might still make some changes but I wanted to share.

I am using a handful of random tables, a few books, and some Tarot cards for much of the game's direction. Thinking I might compile/combine these into a single document for ease of use but also so that others might be inspire to try their hands at solo RPGing.


  1. Blogger really needs a like button. I don't have a real comment just I like your idea of compiling all of that into a single document.

    1. Blogger seems to somehow still rely on internet models and style from the early 2000s.

      Yeah I wanted an easy way to flesh out and track NPCs in my solo games (probably my other games too) and thought this was an easy way to do it than have a bunch of full size pages with a handful of notes.