Friday, June 26, 2015

[map redux] Mausoleum of the Dreaded Limvrok

I believe I drew this map about a year ago - I am terrible at taking the time to make detailed records - on a three by five card while at work one day, but one can never be sure of these sorts of things. This is one of my favorite quick maps I have drawn as it is seriously a busy map, lots of things going on here. These are the sorts of things that inspire me a GM when I look at a map.

For example- I can tell whomever made this place hated ranch style homes as there are stairs everywhere. They also favored a non-stick-to-the-grid-squares-map attitude as this place is seriously off center and crazy. Also seemed to have a statue fetish going on. There was some sort of structure there near the back but its long gone now.

Anywho, I like this one a good deal, hope you do too.

Full texture (death to printers!):

Lightly textured:

Black and white version:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

[map redux] Grimmsgate

Another in my series of looking back at the past and bringing it up to current standards, here is a map based on Grimmsgate from the Swords & Wizardry module.
And a blue version
And the black and white version:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

[map] The Dungeon of Baradoom!

The feared Dungeon of Baradoom is a small dungeon lost in the foothills surrounding the small town of Farquadeen, the entrance being forgotten among the myriad of myths about the region and the dangerous creatures that make the foothills their home. The dungeon was at one time a rather famous holy temple complex that invited the weary traveler in for rest long the long road. As the deity lost favor the temple's power waned and so did the protection the temple enjoyed. It was not long before the priests mysteriously disappeared and any one who entered was never heard from again.

A dwarf named Gungor claims to know the location of the entrance and to have been inside, but Bob says he is just a drunk.

Friday, June 12, 2015

[map] Green Dragon Keep

I was recently contacted to do a commission for a gentleman who was running a game for his daughter and he needed an existing map converted to a static topview from the 3d version provided in the module. Additionally there were a few minor changes needed (walls moved).

The result is the above. Hope everyone enjoys it and has an excellent kick off to a great weekend. I have duty tomorrow so I will be stuck inside making sure private behave (again).


black and white-

I also took the time to make one suitable for printing at Walgreen, using the 12x20 size, it should line up pretty well (though how they get their sizes to convert is a bit of a mystery because I export it with exactly matching numbers and then their software messes it up slightly.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

[map] The Spahn - updated

Courtesy of +Mark Hunt The Spahn now has been fleshed out for use with White Star. I added more color and provided the highly sought after escape pods to complete the final version of the map.

What do you think?

[map] The Spahn Spawn

Yep, they made me do it. Taking another cue from +Billiam Babble, I have used a wider color palette on this one and I think it makes the map soooo much better.

Here is the escape pod installed on The Spahn, though the crew is much larger, the ship is typically only fitted with two of these pods. This often causes problems in emergency situations as crews 'remove' crew members from the official Escape Pod Authorized User access list to ensure they have a seat on an escape pod.

Kudos to +Wayne Humfleet +James Spahn and +Thaumiel Nerub for ideas.

Blue version:

And the classic black and white:

Monday, June 8, 2015

[map] The Spahn, deep scout craft

I drew this map in the style of +Billiam Babble, one of the best cartographers out there. He has a unique style that is extremely difficult to emulate but yesterday he posted a seriously kickass drawing of a space ship and, well, I could not resist it any longer. I had to take a stab at the style. You can see his original drawing here: [link]  Mine is no where near his style but I give it a B, not terrible but could be better.

Today I happened to notice that White Star is STILL #1 on RPGNow, something that I have not seen happen in quite a while. So in honor of the man that brought White Star to life, I opted to name the ship after him. Kudos to Mr +James Spahn for bringing a cool game to life!

Blue version:

The classic old school black and white:

Saturday, June 6, 2015

[map] du Eustacia Gradibn

du Eustacia Gradibn was once a thriving, if small sanctuary on the route between two large cities and served not only as a way station roughly halfway between them but as a respite from the heat of the desert that covered the land between them. Decades ago the small spring that feed fresh water into the cavern that lay at the entrance to the temple proper dried up and the influence, and popularity, of the sanctuary began to wane.

One is correct in wondering the reason for the installation of the bars and large pit trap that block the entrance to the sanctuary. These were installed as precautions to protect the monks who used to live here and the visitors from the frequent raids by the Sandpeople© that frequently attack travelers en route to the cities.

Today the sanctuary lies in ruins with walls crumbling a complete passage blocked by a cave-in, and no living thing will be found within its gloomy passages. The last monks who lived here were slain in a mass self suicide, and attempt to gain favor with their patron and return the flow of the water. This failed to come to pass, the gods being the fickle bastards they are, and now the long rotting bodies of the monks will spring to life and attack those who dare interrupt their vigil of waiting for their patron to return.

Notes: Going back to a little old school mapping here. This one was created Friday morning as I waited for my flight back home after a quick business trip to a conference.

Full on old school:

And the funky blue:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

[map redux] The Bridge of Sarladoune

This is another of the redux maps, this one from Sunday 30 December 2012! This map was draw in my old Arc notebook on graph paper I made and printed myself and I believe this was the map that I ran my first game using the excellent Barebones Fantasy RPG.

The blue version:

I remember having a great time running a few friends through this little dungeon. There was a massive creature trapped in the room on the bottom left that they set free - sure to bring doom upon the world.

A near-white version:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

[map redux] The Wheatonian Caverns

Another redux from the past, drawn around the same timeframe as the previous throwback map, so around December 2012. This map, if I remember correctly was my version of a map Wil Wheaton posted. Here I have cleaned up and used my current format.

Blue tinted:

Another redux from the past, drawn around the same timeframe as the previous throwback map, so around December 2012. This map, if I remember correctly was my version of a map Wil Wheaton posted. Here I have cleaned up and used my current format.