Monday, September 26, 2016

[map] The president's tomb...escape the debate

Maps, because the debate sucks.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

[map] The Headless Tart

If you are asked while in the city of Bethmoora for an excellent tavern, those with the penchant for mischief will likely direct you to The Headless Tart. From the quaint and unspectacular outside, this  one-story building looks to be nothing exceptional, but does hold the appearance of being well-kept and friendly.

The front room is warm and cozy, three massive oak tables, a single round table, and huge bar occupy the high-beamed ceiling. A large fireplace keeps the room warm from the corner even in the coldest months. A large kitchen with a well-stocked storeroom keeps the brew flowing and the meals coming. In the back are two smaller, private rooms for when your gathering requires privacy.

The current proprietor of the Tart is S. Caleb Kreel, a meaty  and tallish merry fellow with a wild shock and a bushy beard of the reddest color. Kreel is friendly, but always wary of those he does not know. Once they are well known to him, visitors to the Tart will discover him to the best of friends, one of the rare, honest businessmen in Bethmoora.

Kreel is typically found with his large leather apron and a mug or five on his arm. He hides a large knife beneath his apron and knows how to solidly use it in a scuffle, though he prefers not to. He likes things light and friendly and when he sees things are going south you can guarantee he will begin tossing up free (or discounted) drinks and break into one of the local tavern songs. His deep, roaring voice causes most to stop arguing and join in the jovial drinking songs.

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And the black and white version:

Friday, September 16, 2016

[map] The Keltovian Material Reclamation Centre (The Dumping Grounds)

I'm currently reading a great book where a covert government agency that monitors and keeps an alien (or demon - the lines are a little fuzzy here) incursion hidden from the public. One of the coolest scene locations is a large cargo yard where the agency keeps various dangerous artifacts and oozes and gore collected from the outsider's secretions, body parts, and other horrors the public should never know about.

I thought it would be a great location for a modern adventure or even a 1920's Cthulhu. How knows exactly what is kept in all those containers as they are processed, categorized and eventually shipped out to various long-term storage facilities across the country.

Roll a d12 to see what is discovered inside a container:
1) Unapproachable Stone of Msgrotto, held in a magnetic field
2) Necromintal Secretions of the Black Kuraen, 27 tons
3) The August Handmaidens of Bovinal  Preins, partial
4) Yoth Mammon's Perenitus (including all seven limbs)
5) The Speaking Head of Councillor Singh of Dreemdor
6) A Kaxeos of Odanrot and his slaves
7) The Weird Tree of Choltenham, trunk and seven branches
8) Diluted Shrolliek Plasma, 30,000 gallons
9) Uncountable Boulders of the Broken Drollmuth Troll
10) The Pine Bark of the Dark Immovable Grug
11) Venislarnian Toenails, 1,273,873,182 pieces
12)  Yen-Morgantus, 1/4 brain

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

[map] Lord Findildor's Pleasure Palace

Lord Findildor created his underground pleasure palace a decade ago and it has served the most distinguished (and wealthy) clientele. With private rooms, a large and mysterious master suite  (sorry, details of the contents of that room are hard to come by, so I was forced to leave the room empty on the map), peaceful gardens filled with trees, a theater, massive tapestries, an elegantly designed restaurant with a plane-wide famous menu and chef, a secluded mineral water hot tub, and ladies to fill your every desire.

Most people visit and stay for an extended period of time rather than a single day and so the Palace is set up to offer multiple activities to entertain patrons and people - beautiful escorts at their side - swimming, sailing on a small boat, diving from the waterfall, enjoying a play or poetry, indulging in a feast...or whatever they can dream of. Findildor is rumored to be a wizard of respectable power. It is said that nothing is too outlandish for him to bring to life.

Just getting into Lord Findildor's place is a challenge as one must be invited as there are just two ways into the place: teleportation portals (one for staff and one for clients).  Even then, you will need to pass through security, back ground checks, and, of course, the large membership fee. They say it is totally worth it.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

[map] The Marinerargonaut's Rest

High in the Tenderfoot Mountains rests a small outcropping of rock with a dark opening that leads into the rock. Inside lies the The Marinerargonaut's Rest and the mystery of it's odd location has served two purposes for hundreds of years:
1) People have forgotten about it, believing it to be nothing more than a myth
2) No one believes it could be located high in the mountains, and thus have not searched for it's fabled riches there

The truth is this memorial hall to the mariners of ages past was built on the coast of an ancient and long gone realm. Cataclysmic upheaval and the freezing of the South Polar Ducal Bay* in 846 have caused the land to rise in this region just as the water level dropped. The result? Now the Rest lies hundred of feet above sea level in a high valley.

Excellent dwarven workmanship has resulted in the Rest being preserved in excellent condition but this also means the defenses put in place are also working properly - the place is said to be infested with traps and other nastiness such as statues the guard, at least a pair of Water Spirits, and the worst of all, the Yacht of Eligurgle. The yacht is said to be capable of transporting those mounted upon it's golden decks to places limited only by their minds.

Black and white version.

* See the Weginulk Historical Bibilography's entry on the Incident at the Pole with the Ice Ifrit