Wednesday, January 18, 2017

so1um 0.2: solo RPG playtest, part 2

Continuing the evolution of the so1um solo RPG system, click here for the updated ruleset, so1um 0.2. For part 1 of this playtest, visit

I had created a character at the beginning of the session:
Body: 3          HP: 2
Mind: 2          Goal: Find St. Rory's relic
Will: 1            Cliches: Baradoos Knght of Grey Peak, Never met a trap I cannot disarm

(8) Secando squeezes through the secret door and slides down a set of stairs, leading deeper into the tomb. I ask Is there anything at the bottom of the stairs? Yes + Unique(hurtful). Secando lands at the bottom of the stairs and finds himself perched precariously atop a tall column, a steep cliff on all sides. Climbing down will be Tricky (5). Using Body, I roll 6,5,4 and manage to climb down.

(9) At the bottom I again ask if Secando discovers anything, Is there anything at the bottom? Yes + Monster (neutral)! Robs grubs litter the entire floor, they are everywhere! Luckily, avoiding them will be Easy (3) and using Body I am able to do with a roll of 6,5,2.

(10) Entering the next chamber, I ask Is the shrine in the next room? Yes, but + Monster (neutral). An earth golem blocks my way. Earth Golem B2 M1 W1 HP☐ Crushing Attack. Secando, worried he may not be able to combat this massive fellow, opts to attempt to bluff his way past, claiming to be a monk of St. Rory. Using Mind I roll 4 and 2 against the Golem's Mind roll of just a 2! The golem, not the smartest fellow, believes Secando's lie and allows him to pass!

(11) Secando enters the next chamber, the sanctuary of St Rory, Are there any guards? No, but + Unique(hurtful)  (I'm a little tired at this point....) Lasers block Secando's way! Shooting across the room, much like a Resident Evil scene, it will be Average (4) difficulty to get past them. I roll  2,2,1, (curses!) and I am struck for 1 point of damage. Secadno rethinks his strategy and studies the lasers and is determined to get past them, rolling  6,2,1 and manages to slip past them safely!

(12) Is the relic here? Yes!

Secadno lives and finds the relic!

Notes: I think this played much more smooth than the previous iteration of the rules. I was purposeful in my attempt to bluff the golem, I wanted to see how other uses besides 'physical' checks worked. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the system and I think it works. Is is true that it takes a certainly level of creativity to play this alone as the system merely gives you a push, you have to create the real answers to the questions it guides you through.

The more I think about it, I will likely change the stats to Body, Mind, and Soul. Simply because I like this better than Will, plus simply by using the word Soul it conjures up loads of neat little spiritual angles the game could take.

Towards the end I needed to wrap it up and somewhat shortened the game so I could end it, using the "Is the relic here?" to toss it up to fate to end or continue. True, I could easily have done this at any time during the game and abruptly end (possibly win) the game but in a freeform solo game I think that is just something you have to live with. If you are a cheating powergamer, you will cheat yourself in a solo game as well. /shrugs

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