Saturday, May 6, 2017

so1um ver 0.6

I have updated my solo RPG called so1um to version 0.6 based on feedback from playtesters, mostly clearing up some of the text and most notably, changing 'soul' to 'spirit' which I feel more fits the game.

Feel free to share and as always, please let me know how your games goes.


  1. Roll 3d6, if not even numbers are rolled the stat equals one. So you roll 3d6 and end up with a "3" for your stat?

    1. If you rolled 3d6 and the result was 3 even numbers (e.g. 2,4, and a 6 or 2,2,6 ect), then yes you would have a 3 in that stat.

    2. And if three odd numbers, no stat?

      I'm sure I missed previous posts. I don't mean to aggravate you.

    3. Yeah! Stop aggravating me! ;-)

      No worries. If you roll all odd numbers then your Stat equals 1. Here's an example:

      So you roll 3d6 for Body and get 2,3, and 4. Your Body equals 2. Next you roll 3d6 for Mind and get 2,4,and 6, your Mind is 3. For Spirit you roll 1,3, and 3, and your Spirit is a 1.

      Makes sense?

  2. I had not seen this until now. It looks interesting and I love the fact that it's for solo play. I printed off a copy and will read through tonight. Maybe I can play this weekend.