Friday, June 14, 2019

The Morning Thought: Sending out grogs to do the dirty work for you

Ref: Sending grogs out to search hexes for interesting locations with potential for further exploration
GMs use a logical amount for the wages to be hired. I suggest one weeks worth of average wages for a townie, typically around 5sp. If PCs double the payment, a -1 modifier is added to the die roll.

Roll a d6 for each able-bodied man hired to search.
1: Verified point of interest, see below.
2: Possible point of interest, see below.
3-5: Nothing to report.
6: Grog fails to reappear, perhaps he was eaten.

Verified point of interest-
The grog investigated and made sure the location was worthy of further investigation: peeked inside the cavern entrance, opened the door, etc. In other words he knows it is not a one-room cave. GM’s can use an existing location, or use the table below.

Possible point of interest-
Something piqued the grog’s interest but did not investigate further. GMs can determine if they want to place something here or have it be a false entrance. OR, simple roll a d6, 1-2 the location is legitimate, 3-6 it ends up a false lead.

If a Point of interest is determined to be there, what is it?
1: Caverns
2: Above ground ruins. (chapel, town, military complex, etc)
3: Monster lair. 1-3 natural creature, 4-5 single powerful creature, 6 unnatural creature
4: Below ground labyrinth (d6: 1-3 under 5 rooms, 4-5 under 20 rooms, 6 megadungeon!)
5: Non-human settlement (orc, goblin, gnoll, giant, etc)
6: A magical feature that should not be there.


  1. Grog Wisdom & Intelligence Scores (which could modify the correct direction of interesting things).
    Roll once for Wis and once for INT

    1. 3 - 4
    2. 5 - 6
    3. 7 - 9
    4. 10 - 12
    5. 13 - 15
    6.) 16 - 18

  2. I really like this. It's a more proactive and natural way to gather rumors. Even the unfortunate incident of grog getting eaten could be interesting as angry relatives might demand the body be located and returned. Would some grogs make up stories to secure payment? Then the PCs march out there and instead of an abandoned tower they find a dim-witted goblin stacking rocks for fun.

    1. Ha! I love the way you think. Always an interesting perspective and one I had not thought of.

      btw when are we gaming again?

    2. I was just thinking about that. I fires up my blog again and have been getting that itch. it's been, like, two years!

    3. Two years??? Wow!

      I took a break for about three months from running games before I just could not take it any longer. Easing back into it through, running a solo game with one friend, and I may start up another solo game.