Friday, May 1, 2020

QA05 - Join me in the Acid Bath

A little bit of a delay in getting this one out the door, been pretty busy with work and all. Plus I started work on the mega-delve I am calling Dördhöl, which by the way was attacked on Reddit for incorrect umlaut usage, but hey, whatever floats your boat (just keep your weird ass boat out of my pond).

Anywho, here you go, QA05. I thought it might be fun to add an acid bath into a dungeon.

[UPDATE] Vance took my map and suggestions and made a kick ass adventure out of it!

So here goes my pitch:
The Cult of Makris operates this temple hidden up in the crags and gorges. Makris is an underworld demon worshiped as a god by these silly fools, Makris also holds domain over the realm of the dead who were lost and never found. Those who are lost and never found are assumed to wander the domain forever in servitude to Makris. As a result the cult likes to abduct people, creatures, monsters, etc and sacrifice them to Makris. Thus, the acid bath.

The temple consists of a large temple with a huge 40' statue to Makris in all his muscular and winged greatness. The eyes are solid rubies the size of a human fist and worth an assload of gold. A large chamber is filled with cages that hold the upcoming sacrifices. A huge pool of acid with a long platform that reaches out over the pit serves as the alter for sacrifice. The left most portions below serve as the holy bathing chamber for the two priests that maintain this temple (Adso of Melk & Brother Maynard). A third priest (Father Brennan) used to work the temple, but something has happened to him and the others have secured him in his chamber until they can either cure him or safely remove him by other means.

Getting your players to the temple:
o Perhaps one of the friends/family has gone missing and rumors point to this temple that likes to abduct people.
o A pair of priests approach the band with requests to help them solve a problem with a third monk that lives in their temple.
o The Piss Off Joe method. Have the PCs be captured, stripped of weapons and magic and put them in a cage. Sit back and laugh at their futile attempts to free themselves.
o The temple has gold, right?

Prisoners waiting for their bath:
1 - Wilbub - a talking goat with a pure white coat. He can only say the words "Nip" and "Glrot". He will occasionally hum a tune that sounds familiar but you just cannot place it.
2 - Toric - a young farmer abducted from a nearby village as he worked the fields. He has a young wife and newborn child to care for. He has a necklace that belonged to his mother around his neck worth 40gp.
3 - Mit Strots - a old and wise kobold, still dressed in the sacred robes of his people. He was carrying his tribes latest sacrifice (a bag with gold coins and jewelry worth around 250gp) and a flash of holy blood when he was struck from behind and then woke up here. He is currently wailing about missing his love, another kobold named Yvi.
4 - Ecnav Reicalg - An elderly woman dressed in the style of high fashion, with nails perfectly manicured. Also in her cell are two men dressed in similar fashion, her servants. She is seen to be rather rude, constantly beating them with cruel words, and berating them "for letting her be abducted by these maniacs!" She has over 500gp in gold, gems and jewels in her purse and though she will offer the prize to help her escape, she will go back on the offer once free. She's basically an old naggy rich bitch.
5 - Hcemid Eoj - a large minotaur that has seen better days. He's a bit overweight, his right leg is bandaged, one black eye, and his right horn has been snapped off with about 2/3rds missing. Last he remembers he was on a bender back at SteveO's Pub, throwing back quite a few, canoodling with the cute elven babes who kept mumbling something about their master Makris and how much blow he has back at the ranch. He's currently suffering from a massive hangover and a weird rash that showed up about a week ago (after the incident and unrelated to the elven babes).
6 - Twenty-seven small, wingless fairies - these poor lads and lasses were captured after a rather fun night at a fairy rave. Hopped up on drink and fairy dust and incapacitated, they were captured and had their wings clipped by the priests. They are in various states of undress, suffering hangovers, and are basically feeling desperate and completely shitty. Nyarb Swodaem seems to be the only one of sound mind and working out a plan to get out of here.




  1. That minotaur is my spirit animal. Elf hookers and blow. It's always a deadly combo!

    1. LOL The best part is almost all those I put in jail are friends of mine, just with their names messed up. Keep an eye out for a Reklaw Naitsirhc, coming to a map soon!


    1. Wonderful work Vance, took my ideas and expanded perfectly. Any GM should be able to run this with ease!