Sunday, October 11, 2020

Legends of Gath

 Ok, I need a hand. So life sucks amiright? Well, my buddy Christian has been making this really cool setting, a single page at a time for his post-apocalypse death world called Gath. You can check it out at his blog Destination Unknown.

I got this nutty idea today that we need him to turn this into a hex crawl, a la The Dark of Hot Springs Island. Seriously, if you don't know what that is, take a moment and educate yourself.

Anyway, today I played around with a hexmap to get him started. Now, I need your help. We need to make him do this. Harass him. Bug him. Send skellies and mutants! We world can only get better with a Legends of Gath hexcrawl!


  1. Hex 20 - The Bombed Lizard - Along the jagged cliffs and waterways a frightening legacy of the past exists. During the Final Days of civilization, all kinds of fearsome weapons and hellish nightmares were unleashed. A massive reptilian beast was one such horror that attacked the cities of this area. An unprecedented amount of bombs and explosives were unleashed to stop the rampaging beast. Arguably, doing more harm than the beast would have. Today, the enormous skeleton of the beast covers a large part of the hex, much of it submerged beneath polluted waters. Also just below the waterline lodged partially in the bones, lies an as of yet, unexploded bomb! Which if tampered with could blow! - doing 1d60 points of damage!!
    Loosely inspired by the below story:

  2. Hex 7 - The Broken Council- leading up to the End of Days, the people of Gath turned against their history and those that came before them. They removed, defaced and tore down all manner of statues of those that came before them. No rhyme or reason was apparent, statues of saints, sinners and in between were all removed from the public view. While many were destroyed, some were hidden away, many now reside in an abandoned ruined warehouse. Someone or something has since gathered these statues and arranged them in a circle. Denizens of the wastes come before this Broken Council to make offerings, pray, give grievances, or seek judgements. What answers if any are given are unclear...

  3. Doing these just for fun. I'm not able to channel Gath the way Christian does.

  4. The "Learn to Swim" is a fantastic reference by the way! Incredible looking map!

    1. That was Steve's idea, but seriously, being able to reference Lord Maynard is golden.