Monday, January 23, 2023

Not dead...first map in over six months


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Well, life has been insane for me for the last two years. Failed marriage, heart attack, near death experience with 17 broken bones (I actually did die and had to be resuscitated), all the children moved out to their adult lives, divorce final, and the first girlfriend in three decades....

Things kind of fell apart for me the last couple of weeks and I needed something to quiet my mind and distract me for a bit last night when I could not sleep. Plus, I purchased an iPad last summer and hardly used, luckily on Thursday - on a whim -  I ordered an Apple Pencil, and tadda! Here you go.


  1. Welcome back! Glad you are still amongst the living--and great maps, to boot.

  2. You wield your Apple Pencil at least as well as a 10th level i-Wizard.

    1. LOL This literally was the first I ever used it. The pencil arrived dead so I had to charge it, then that evening when I crawled into bed, I grabbed it and went to work.

  3. Thank you, this map was merely a mental distraction from some tough thoughts, but ended up being quite soothing to work on. Expect more.

  4. My goodness! I'm sorry that you've had so much to deal with. I'm glad you are well enough to do some mapping.