Wednesday, May 17, 2023

White Box mini character sheets!


My pal Chaoclypse posted a video yesterday that has gotten a good amount of traction and people are asking about the WB mini character cards I made a while back. You can watch the video here:

As no one really expressed much interest in these mini cards, I guess I never posted these to my little blog, so I am fixing that right now. Click the image to download the PDF below
(this prints on a 4x6 card)

(prints two sided on a 4x6 card)

(NPC card, more room for notes, prints on 4x6 card)


  1. YT just suggested this video and I was like those are MSJX's cards and why haven't I seen any posts from him? Apparently blogspot has decided to stop sending me notifications when you have a new post :(. I missed a bunch in May it seems. Glad you're doing well and it is awesome you've created something people actually use.