Saturday, July 6, 2024

Bugbear - Risus

A recent post by my pals over at Pits Perilous (link) got me thinking about a Risus version of the OD&D monster, the bugbear. I am a visual person so naturally I wanted to have a bugbear image in this latest style I am playing around with, so I headed over to MidJourney to play around. What follows is my journey (no pun intended) to get a solid image to use. At the end I will have a Risus bugbear!

Nice, a little weird (though given Gary's description of merely a "great hairy goblin-giants" it somewhat does the trick)

I love the face here, somewhat pumpkinish and very monstrous, but the rest is too civilized for my tastes.
Too weird...and wth is with that grip on the sword??
Oh now here we go. Giant and hairy monstrous thing, with a "large, round flat oval" head
Let's give it one more go, see if we can get something a little nicer.
There we go, I like that one. Gives me a "Where the wild things are" vibe. A wild and feral beast, with the smidgeon of intelligence like a Neanderthal. Plus, as a bonus, he is carrying a pumpkin.
Perhaps bugbears have an uncontrollable love of pumpkins? I would imagine they can speak in a deep, guttural voice, able to formulate very simple sentences such as "Me hungry. Eat you." kind of thing.

Here we go, a Risus monster card.


  1. This is great! I suggest using the second image for a custom Risus humanoid monster? It looks too cool to not use.

  2. Yesssssss! Matt! It's so good to see you writing Risus stuff again! Now that the One-whose-name-must-not-be-mentioned is gone, it's fun once more :)

    1. LOL So so true! I was really hoping that the movement to a new owner would result in more products being created and an uptick in Risus material, sadly that does not seem to have materialized.