Saturday, July 11, 2015

[map] The Babble

Named after the excellent +Billiam Babble, I present a small craft suitable for exploring the depths of space or maybe the depths of the ocean? The craft has a crew of two but can support three for a short duration. A small crew compartment offers a two bunk set up (with a cramped three bunk option) for living quarters.

Black and white version:


  1. Your mapping skills are incredible. Really, it's been amazing to see your ability develop over the past several years.

    1. Thank you! You know you are to blame, right? I stumbles across your blog back in 2009 or something that piqued my interest in games again, well, you and Risus Monkey. Your maps in the Iridia zine is what got me to start mapping again. In fact, it was the map of Micah’s Cottage in Iridia #30 that made me pick up the pen and paper again. If you check out my maps, I totally stole the way you do doors and still use that style to this day!