Friday, August 12, 2016

Lord Murdoch's Swindler's Cove

The self-stylized "Lord" Murdoch runs his swindler's market and meeting place here. A small 'resort', if you will, for those who operate on the shadier side of the law. Here one can find a bunk to hide out until the hear blows over. Maybe grab a bite to eat from Helmud's kitchen (try the Gerftord Stew!). Or even sell/swap your latest treasures discovered during your latest excursion.

Murdoch ensures the safety through monetary deals with locals and, it is rumored, some powerful magics. However he does manages, his Cove has not suffered a raid or attack in the sixteen years it has been in operation. High-ranking officials consider the Cove neutral ground and strict penalties will be enforced on those who disregard this rule.

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