Monday, August 1, 2016

[map] Temple of Axiod

Master Elizourn stood before the massive hole at the center of the Temple of Axiod. The ledge that ran around the hole had broken and fallen in a few spots. Navigating the men over these openings would be dangerous. He frowned at the thought of losing more men to this damned place.

"My lord," came Gertor's voice from behind him. Gertor was a trusted servant and man-at-arms, in service for a decade. "The men have found something. A crypt."

"Where?" Elizourn asked. "Is it the priest?"

"I forbade the men from opening it. After the last one...I thought it better you were present." He looked away from his master. He spoke of the Temple Ferrin, where half of the men met their doom at the hands of a horror covered in torn rags that emerged from a crypt.

Elizourn placed a hand on Gertor's shoulder. "Good thinking. Let us head to this crypt."

They began to step to the side passage, taking just two steps before a roar shattered the silence of the tomb. It erupted from the massive hole before them and echoed across the massive stone chamber. Dust and small debris fell from their perch above, shaken by the powerful roar.

"Gertor! Gather the men, the crypt will have to wait!" He drew his family's sword, a long, gem-gilded blade, and readied himself...

If you follow me on G+, this was the map I was working on over the weekend where I went for a much more quick and fluid hatching method. Less focus was spent on a more deliberate placement of the hatching. I am not sure I like it better than the other methods.

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