Wednesday, March 18, 2020

CoronaCon! Map 1!

Welcome to the new normal! Like many people I know, I am now working from home and find this sort of weird. Anyway, I am working on the next Dungeon Masters cartography book here and there. I thought in a bit of solidarity with all my friends out there self quarantining, I would share some of the maps! Why CoronaCon you ask? You know how we used to (I think they still might but I am not sure) used to do the RPG blog carnival? I figure we are all closed up in our house, not showered for days, drunk on Mountain Dew and Doritos, if we all posted something to help all of those on forced virus vaca, it might pass the time. Thus, CoronaCon 2020!

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  1. The Lesser Servants of the Hopping Prophet threaten Matt Jackson's village!