Friday, March 20, 2020

CoronaCon! Map 3

Sorry late today! Hopefully you slept in, drunk on your last few Mountain Dews, the last doobie, or the last row of Oreos and slept late. So in other words, I am not late, more like...timely!

Here you go, stay safe and keep calm! The government isn't coming for you.  ;-)
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  1. Nice. That looks like a smugglers den if ever there were one. A well established one. A strong leader keeping the order. Things have been going well for years until recently, two of the ships have vanished. The king's navy can't navigate the shallows and the merchant lords have been paid off. No wreckage or bodies were found. This is beyond the skills of the smuggler baron. He recruits the party into his secret world to assist him with his problem.