Saturday, March 6, 2021

A map discovered! (overland style)

Last week the players stumbled upon a map in the bandit's treasure (a horde really...and they claim I'm a mean DM!) 
During Zinequest 3 this year one of the projects featured an overland map that reminded me of the maps I had often used during my tenure in the Army and I was curious if I could pull one off. Here is the result.

I dressed up the map with some filters for the players so it looked like folder piece of parchment they discovered, so here is the "clean" version.


  1. Great looking map, love the parchment look. And it does look like an old army map. Nice work

  2. Some time ago I rediscovered an inside-joke adventure I'd written during college or grad school involving some desert field camp experiences. My note for maps was just, "Use any desert topo map."