Saturday, March 30, 2024

Bethmoora goes PA

My friend Bill loooooooooooooooves Post Apocalyptic games and he suggested I make Bethmoora PA, so of course I tossed it into MD to see what came back. I really love this image due to the very 'junktown' (I am not sure what to call it) feel with the very closely built buildings that look like they were scraped together from the various pieces of older buildings people found laying around. In other words, it sounds perfect for a PA city!

I also love in this image the building that hangs over the edge! So typical of humans to build something in the most dangerous location they can find! I just love the idea that a local boss makes that overhang his base of operations, running a massive crime/scavenger operation from the 'safety' of his little fort.

I pulled a few quick images of what Bethmoora PA might look from the explorers' level.

Why do so many PA stories stay away from cold environments? Cold! The cold would suck!

And I do not know why this randomly was created, but this image. Feels quasi-western, 1880s or something. I honestly find so inspirational, I just love it!


  1. Last one looks turn of 20th C./WWI vintage

  2. I’ve always wondered why someone didn’t come up with a post apocolyose game that encouraged starting up yourself and exploring your local town. Maybe it would be too dark.

    1. That would be kind of dark!

      I ran some Marvel Superheroes in my hometown when I was in highschool, it was pretty cool.

  3. These are inspiring. I may take a hiatus from my solo fantasy game and use these as inspiration for a solo PA game!

  4. Awesome!!! Definitely location that begs to be explored! Wonder what dangers lurk in the ruins!