Thursday, March 14, 2024

Blade & Haversack

Long time, no speak. Been busy, living life, working, etc. Not much time left for gaming stuffs. Recently chatted with a fellow I have known for a long time named Talon and he was telling me about his latest release, an RPG based on the old Sword and Backpack system, a decade old game that espoused the idea of rules-lite and GM-on-the-flyism that we all loved about Dave Arneson style gaming. Talon (link) took the system and created a d20 based setting called Arsenic & Old Lace (link) which I really liked. I have always thought S&B was cool, but as it is d20 based I never was really on board with it, my love of the d6 was just too powerful. So an idea was born while I sat bored at work. Thus, Blade & Haversack was sparked. Talon later informed me that had written Sword and Backpack Twin Cities Edition (link) for that exact reason! I took a slightly different angle, but still utilized the elegant d6 for my version. So, here you go, Blade & Haversack! 

The below is just a sketch, barely thought out in-between goings ons at work last night, but I think there is enough to use. I have been doing tiny single-journal games when I have 15-20 mins here and there the last week (may post about that later) and I think this is just about the correct 'weight' of a system to use for this sort of adventure. 

Blade & Haversack

Roll 2d6, roll a 6 or higher to succeed for Average challenge (or tasks), 9 for Hard, and 11 neigh Impossible for uber hard challenges. If it is related to your profession (be it fighting, trying to swindle an alien, casting spells, turning undead, piloting your space cruiser, etc) you roll an extra d6 and only use the two highest die rolls. If something seriously hinders you, roll 3d6 but only take the two lowest die rolls.

In a successful challenge (including combat) the obstacle will take 1 damage/stress point. Some instances will do additional damage/stress (large weapons, creatures, spells), the GM has final say. Some equipment will absorb damage (armor or special defenses). Enemies (or obstacles) will have a number of  Stress Points, when all are exhausted by damage the enemy is dead/defeated. Treat obstacles in the same manner as ‘enemies’. A secured treasure chest may be secured with a Tough Lock [ ] [ ], thus it would take two successful checks to overcome the lock’s SP.

Example character:

Choad [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Feral scavenger
Ruger 9mm - 4rnds

Example enemy:

Gath Necro [ ] [ ]
Ghastly Death Wizard
Black Blade of Doom
Death Blast: Black energy shoots out, if target hit it ignores all armor and induces a Hard challenge or target becomes paralyzed for 1 turn.