Monday, April 4, 2016

[map] The Beach Head

What began as a way to play around with my new fountain pen, and waste a little time while the family slept in during last week's vacation...

The day prior I had seen the World War II memorial in Washington DC and when I woke the following morning Mark Hunt had released his new WWII game based on the OSR darling, WhiteBox. This is actually the second WWII game being worked on - Pete Spahn is currently finishing up his WWII: Operation WhiteBox which also uses the WhiteBox rules. I have been working on a few WWII maps for Pete and well, let's just say I was inspired by all the WWII goodness floating around.
I scanned it in and cleaned it up last night, adding some color - I do like a little whitewashed color - and playing around with it a little. I wanted to try something a little different for the cliffs, based off a style another mapper uses, 2-Minute Table Top, which I really like. As is typical for me, I am not entirely happy with how it turned out.
I also wanted to play around a little with something that could look like it came out of the era the map depicted, while still remaining a useful map for RPGing purposes. Probably should have added the much cliched coffee stain or folds to give it that really old feeling.
All my maps are free for private use, feel free to print them out or upload
to your favorite VTT and utilize them in your games.


  1. Not to be picking nits, but the cliff should probably have a couple of machinegun nests on it, and possibly an infantry trench. Otherwise, the bunker is actually quite vulnerable.

    1. Very true,I figured those rocks along the top ridge would be perfect cover for a machinegun nest or a couple of snipers.