Friday, November 27, 2020

downtime = moar maps

Kind of a lame holiday here, oldest child has moved out to her own place and the youngest opted to visit her sister for their first Thanksgiving, leaving just me, the pups, and the wife at the house. Add to this, the effects of 'no travel Rona' and the in-laws stayed away as well. Puts a completely different soon on the holidays.

So, I drew maps...


  1. Sorry you had a lame holidau. I'm thankful for the map.

    1. Thanks! I guess that is what happens when the kids get older. Good news though, I used the time to draw up another map, flesh it out with horrible things from the Fiend Folio, and I am running a playtest of it tonight. Should make it's way onto the blog next week if we finish up the playtest.

  2. It’s a nice map. Always enjoy checking out your blog, especially for the maps. My current games for this year, disrupted as they have been by Covid, are resolving relatively nicely. I’m hoping for some old fashioned D&D style games in the new year, and I’ll be checking back again. Especially those collaborative dungeons from some time ago. Lots of interesting ideas, with an older style feel.