Saturday, November 7, 2020

Tomb of the Flayed Lord of Kerzagoth

You come here for maps, don't you? Been a while, eh? Sorry about that. Here you go. I did this map up in three different 'styles'. The first is for all you people out there that think hatching is the best style. This one is for Tim, apparently his ink is made from the blood of angels or something.

Bezio style, my current favorite for mapping. 
(oops, left out the 'S' for the secret doors...use your imagination)
And a greyed out one for those of you who whine about the black ink used to print a map
(who the fock prints maps these days?)


  1. I like small, compact maps like this. They make more sense to me than sprawling ones usually do. And thanks for the multiple styles.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I tend to get far more use out of a small map like this that I can drop into Roll20 and set up dynamic lighting in five minutes rather than some large monstrosity. I will probably not do too much of the hatching in the near future, do not seem to have the patience for it, and frankly, I prefer the black maps these days anyway.