Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sigyn's Kurgan

I came up with an idea for an advance given my plethora of free time this weekend with the kids gone and wife working, I was itching to play/run something. I am an avid fan of Norse mythology and while reading I discovered a great story about a Norse king that sacrifice his own since to Odin to prolong his own life. An idea quickly formed and I drew up a dungeon and scribbled up the adventure. On the suggestion from a friend, I opened up the Fiend Folio and fleshed it out. Those Brits sure love the Save versus Death. Wow. In the space of four rooms I killed four characters! 

Here are my scribbled notes from the game, make what you will of them. I may clean it up to a more 'published' nature in the future.


  1. Fiend Folio is Awesome! Great looking dungeon!

  2. Super nice. I love the hand-scribbled map best!

  3. Sure S, you're welcome to play with us. Roll up a halfling, Matt llooovveess halflings. I'm sure nothing untoward will happen.

    Then whateverthehellthatwas popped up (quickly downloads Field Folio for future excursions).