Monday, June 27, 2016

[map] BFRPG: A Matter of Justice

As noted yesterday I have begun running a Basic Fantasy RPG game with my old group. If you have not looked into BFRPG, you really should, even if you play other OSR games. Their site has tons of supplements and adventures you can download. Almost all are crowd sourced from the folks that play the game.

One is a PDF of short adventures called Adventure Anthology 1. The adventures are great, and heck, totally free! They have been working on a second volume for quit a while now, almost two years. I offered to rework one of their maps in my usual style. I don't know if they will use it or not, but I like to share with all my rowdy friends, so here you go.

You might notice that I added a grid on this map, not something I usually do but they requested the map have one so I added it. I kinda like it, expect to see more grids in future maps. If there is an older map you would like me to go back and add a grid to, let me know and I will see what I can do.

And because I like reduced ink, the black and white version:

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