Tuesday, September 29, 2020

iso ongelmani

This is my number one problem:

These are mythic spaces that run on dream logic.°

°Sourced from a blog post shared to me by my friend Shane: 


I struggle with this when designing adventures, I feel it grabbing me in it's tightening grip, I feel it limiting my voice and creativity. But, I cannot do anything to stop it. I make one room fantastic and weird, then move to the next room and my logical brain works up a connection as to why whatever weirdness I cooked up was there. Why? Dammit, why?!?

Also, that two week mega dungeon sounds cool as hell to try! Damn you, Shane!


  1. Hahaha. I think the trying to make a dungeon coherent comes from gygax honestly. Why is this there? Why are these two monsters here? What is there realtionship? Etc. Mega dungeon time!

    1. Yeah, I seriously struggle with it. The follow up struggle is:

      Ok, so the party is battling ten orcs in room 17, but literally next door is a group of 3 ogres. Why don't they storm and and fight the party too? Are there sound barriers between rooms? The dungeon doors have sound proofing? The ogres are deaf? WHY?!?!?!

  2. I struggled with this as a DM. However I think it is necessary otherwise the players are going to feel like they're just fighting a random number generator. The ultimate goal of both the DM and the players is to tell a story. The best stories are coherent and have some underlying logic.